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Tommy: I’m sorry, for the last time, man, why can’t you tell her you love her, again? (Silence from Billy.) Look, I know. I know, because you think you’re not in that place. Which would be fine, except you totally are.

Billy: It’s…it’s complicated okay?

Tommy: Why? I mean, what’s so complicated about it?  She doesn’t even know.

Billy:  I… (He quickly became quite as he put his head down)

Tommy:  Don’t sweat it dude. (Pause) You might get everything you’ve wanted since you were five.  


My wish for the next PR movie is this:

   Bring back the original rangers from the past into the present time as EVIL.  Like Terminator Salvation, CGI the faces like they did with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Only if they do it right.  I mean, the original rangers don’t have to speak because it can be just like Terminator Salvation and only be 5 minutes long.  I don’t care how the story leads up and/or ends.  Make this happen, I’ll be happy.  

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